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The Difference Between Window Film and Window Treatments

Sep 18

There are many choices when it comes solar control. There are many options for solar control, but it boils down to either film or treatments.

Window treatments can help you control heat and the sun. Window treatments include shades, blinds or shutters, curtains, curtains, drapes, or any other treatment that you can use to cover the window. They don't stick to the windows. They filter or block the sunlight through the windows.

Window film sticks directly to the windows inside surfaces. The main purpose of window film Bend Oregon for commercial purposes is to block sunlight from reaching the building.

Ask these questions when you are trying to decide which option is the best.

Question #1: How do you like your view?

Window films and window treatments can be compared by looking at what's behind them. Are there views that you want? It's unlikely that you are looking out your windows and seeing another tall building just next to it. If this is the case, the building would block the sun.

Most likely, you'd like to have a great view from your windows. Window treatments block the sun or block it completely and can obstruct your view. Window film reduces solar heat and UV radiation by blocking out sunlight before it reaches the building. It can cut down on as much as 80% of solar heat entering through windows. The glare can also be reduced, which allows your eyes to focus more easily and prevents straining or squinting when looking out of the windows. You can achieve a view with exceptional definition by simply controlling the sun.

Window film is the best choice if you have a great view.

Question #2: What is the cost difference between these two options?

For most homeowners and business owners, cost is a major factor. Some shades may be more affordable than window film, but most window treatments are much more expensive than window film. Window film stops heat entering your building, meaning you won't have to run your air conditioners nearly as often. Window tinting films can reduce solar heat up to 80%, and up to 91% of UV rays. This results in less heat entering the air-conditioning system and less frequent operation.

This will save you money on your air conditioning costs. It is also a direct reflection on your energy bill. Window film also reduces maintenance costs and repairs and increases the life expectancy of your air-conditioning units.

Window film can be a cost-saving option if you are looking to save money.

Question #3: Is a combination film/blinds the best of both?

Window film and window treatments can be combined. It is important to think about a hybrid solution. Window film can reduce solar heat and improve view, while blinds provide privacy.

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