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Window Tint True or False

Aug 21

Your energy bill can fluctuate with extreme temperatures in almost every season. Your HVAC unit is always working overtime. If we told you that there was a way to keep heat out in spring and summer and heat in fall and winter, it would be a great idea.

Window tinting for your home or business can solve your energy problems.

By blocking infrared rays entering your home, window tint works. Although there are many advantages to Residential Window Tinting Bend Oregon there are also myths that may prevent people from making an investment. We've dispelled five common myths regarding window tint to spread awareness about its benefits.

The 5 Myths of Window Tint

Window tinting can cause damage to low-E glass or dual panes.

False. False.

Installing the right type of film for the type of glass is crucial to avoid thermal stress damage. The glass compatibility chart is a tool that our experts use to help determine which tint will work best for each type.

Low-E glasses will not benefit from window tinting because it already reflects the infrared energy.

False. True. Infrared energy rejection can be nearly doubled if you have the correct window tint installed on Low-E glasses.

Low-E glass is lighter and more transparent than regular glass. This helps maintain visibility while reducing glare from sun.

Window tint is all the same so it's best to buy a generic brand.

False. False. It is not easy to choose the best window tint. It is important to balance heat, visibility, glare, and shade with aesthetics.

An experienced window tint consultant will help you to find the right balance. Expert consultants can help you decide between Dual Reflective Technologies (Ceramic Nano Technologies), and Spectrally Selective Low E films.

This myth has been debunked. When shopping for window tint, one size does not fit all.

Window tinting will void any window warranty.

True. Mostly. It is, however, the only myth that we have found to be of any merit.

First, most window tints are covered by warranties. The good news is that most glass manufacturers will void warranties once window tint has been installed. Good news!

This is a great point. But we have a solution. Ask your window tint consultant if the warranty can be extended to protect the glass.

Window tints that come with a lifetime guarantee are guaranteed to be quality.

False. It is up to the individual who gives it that will determine the quality of a lifetime warranty. Window tint warranties do not come from the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not provide warranty on window tints. Instead, the installer is responsible.

What does this translate to for the guarantee of a lifetime warranty? This could lead to a financial problem for the consumer. Installers who aren't employees of the manufacturer may not be covered by their company's insurance. If this happens, you could be held liable.

Window tint companies that are competent can directly employ their installers in order to circumvent this problem. What are the benefits? Our corporate General Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurances cover employees who install equipment.


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